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 "Raising and Caring For Your Pet Coatimundi"

By Rocky Castleberry

Raising A Pet Red Kangaroo

Category: Family: Pets
Formats:  Paperback 80 pages
 (Shipping in US & Canada $3.95 ea.)

Paperback:  $19.95 + $3.95 S&H





This book, Raising and Caring For Your Pet Coatimundi is a delightful and informative book about the
care and raising of pet coatis. The author shares his his knowledge about coatis in a down to earth and fun manner that will not only entertain you but provide valuable information as well. Whether you are a seasoned pet owner or just interested in these wonderful animals, you cannot afford to pass over the information this book presents.


"Preparing yourself completly for your first coati is impossible with their endless energy of curiousity.  That being said, being the best prepared as can be is where this book comes in.  A must read for anyone about to take on their first coati." 
John W.


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