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"The Annihilator" - by Pete Billac

OUT OF PRINT - Valuable Collectors Item

This book is one of THE most brutal, real-life accounts of retribution against the (then called) Mafia . It revolves around a man, a lone man known only as "The Annihilator" and his brutal quest for revenge against the ones that murdered his family.

The Annihilator by Pete Billac




It is a captivating tale that makes the Sopranos look like a Sunday picnic. It is a must have for any mobster buff.


The author, Pete Billac, went to school in New Orleans with a few "mafia brats" and got to witness many of these things first hand. This is how he makes it real, authentic and he will leave you wondering about the life that most of us can't even imagine.



Annihilator -Valuable Collector's Item.


The Annihilator was released in 1981 and immediately sold over 1 million copies. It was thought that this book was out of print and gone forever until recently 2 boxes were discovered in a warehouse.

I have heard tales of this book selling for over $80! We have the exclusive on the remaining copies and are letting them go for just $19.95 + S&H.


Personally, I have an original copy signed by the author. If you are interested, contact me via this website for a private treaty sale.


If you are a true collector, you cannot afford to pass this opportunity up! 

Category: Novel: Mystery
Format:  Paperback 135 pages
 (Shipping in US & Canada $3.95 ea.)
  Buy now: $19.95 + $3.95 S&H


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Out of Print -
Collectors Choice!

sold for over $80.00. Get
yours for $19.95 today.





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