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about Pete Billac

Pete Billac, founder and CEO of Swan Publishing, is an author / lecturer / humorist and one of the most sought after speakers in the country. One of his books, HOW NOT TO BE LONELY, grossed over $58 MILLION. He has written 56 books with 46 reaching "best seller" status.

Pete makes his audiences laugh-hard. His speeches are entertaining, refreshing, and informative, and he plays mostly to standing-room-only audiences. He charms all audiences with his winning smile, quick wit, and candor.

PETE BILLAC is a maverick; he writes only what pleases him. He is truthful, candid, and fears little. He has either edited, published, written, or ghost written over 500 books about a variety of subjects as well as more than 1000 short stories, and jokes for some of America's top comedians. He has a Bachelor or Science degree in geology, and a masters in both physics and chemistry. He's never worked in either of those fields in his life. He chose a life of adventure.

He served stints in the US Navy and US Army, he earned an athletic scholarship to Tulane University, he worked as a salvage diver, taught 8th grade history and science for one year, set 31 world records in spear fishing, and did work with Jacques Cousteau. He won the US Army Triathlon (running 2 miles, swimming 200 yards, .45 caliber pistol shoot), and has trophies for tennis, golf, sky diving, Tai Kwon Do, boxing, and football. "STOP, "he says. "Sounds as if I never had a job!"

But, he has had jobs. He did stunt work in Hollywood, he was a real estate investor, he's owned a charter airline, a modeling agency, a string of art galleries, night clubs, drilled for oil, and owned a coconut plantation in Mexico. He taught snow skiing in Aspen, and water skiing and scuba diving in Miami. He now lives on a cattle ranch in the Texas Hill Country. He has, to be sure, lived a full life. "And it isnt over yet," he smiles. And, it isnt.

He writes three or four books a year that HELP people with health, life, or business. He flies to conventions around the world and, he truly does make his audiences laugh -



Other Books By Pete Billac


How Not To Be Lonely TonightHow Not To Be Lonely Tonight

By Pete Billac

In Paperback

Raising BabyNew Father's Baby Guide

By Pete Billac

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The Annihilator - All Must Die

The Annihilatoer

By Pete Billac

In Paperback 

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